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Advantages of Private Jet Rental with AeroJet Me

Experienced Crew

Experienced Crew

All private jets are provided with highly experiences and skilled crew, speaking several foreign languages.

Recent Airplanes

Recent Airplanes

We have access to more than 80,000 accredited recent private airplanes, representing a global network of private aircraft.

Best Market Rates

Best Market Rates

Our aviation advisors will provide you with best market rates. AeroJet Me regularly updates its list of empty legs which are discounted up to 75% on original price.

Luxury VIP Services

Luxury VIP Services

Flying should be a pleasure and we’ll make your charter experience as luxurious and comfortable as possible. Our dedicated team 24/7 will chose for you the most suitable solution according to your needs.

Safety is Our Priority

Safety is Our Priority

We care about your safety and security. Operators of our private charter flights have modern airplanes and highly experienced crew. Fly with Platinum and Gold ARGUS rated Operators.

Private Jet Charter Worldwide

Private Jet Charter Worldwide

Enjoy flying with us to more than 30 000 different destinations across the globe. Hire Your Private Jet Charter anywhere and any time.

Our Exclusive Services

Save time and make your flights easy with Aerojet Me

Fly calmly with AeroJet Me, knowing you are safe and will get to your desired destination fast. You don’t have to wait an overpriced flight for hours. We offer easy accommodation, latest jets, the best market values and a highly skilled crew. Book your flight now from anywhere in the world.

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Why fly with Aerojet Me?

Minimize your efforts and leave it to our team to guide you. Not only do we help you find the best jet regarding to your budget and requirements. But we also make sure every jet is provided with a competent staff that speaks several languages. You can communicate freely with them for everything needed before and during the travel.

Every second counts with Aerojet me

You can save lots of time by chaptering a private airplane. The jet comes as soon as you need it for the travel. Forget delays, booking in advance or being distressed about waiting in the airport for more than 3 hours. You can prioritize your own schedule and build your own travel itinerary with the help of our manager. You will arrive to the desired location so much faster than with normal airplanes.


We give true importance to your security during transport. Flying with platinum and gold rated ARGUS operators has never been cheaper. For those of you afraid to travel we assure you We have access of latest technology of private aviation.

Comfort in your air-home

Avoid the burden of traveling with strangers. Choose to share the flight only with your loved ones or your business colleagues. You can have privacy and enjoy some quality time with people you care for. Our team will look after you for everything you might need to make your experience as delightful as possible.

Low cost & luxurious jets

There are various alternatives you can choose from cheap private jet flights to more fancy and luxurious jets. Aerojet Me offers all kinds of private airplanes to meet your desires and budget.

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What we offer?

We make sure you get the latest technology of charter planes. You don’t ever have to worry about any mechanical issues interrupting your fussy schedule. We exclusively use private jets that meet or pass stringent safety regulations set forth by Wyvern LTD and Aviation Research Group/US (ARG/US).



We ensure you that our private jets will give you the comfort of your house . They come equipped with DVD and Blue ray players wide-screen televisions ,secret devices and ambient lightning to suit your mood.

Private jet charter Worldwide

Private jet charter Worldwide

Fly with us to 30,000 different destinations all over the world. We ensure you a variety of choices between 80,000 jets like : empty legs, cargo charters, business jet and last-minute charters. You can choose from small light ones with just 4 seats to business airliners capable to carry up to 30 passengers.

Best client service in the market

Best client service in the market

We always try to give prime customer service and ensure that you get a personal approach by committing a single advisor per client. Being in constant connection with more than 4000 operators, we help you negotiate a better price and offer you competitive market rates with low brokerage fees.

Empty legs

Check our Empty Legs to match your destination.

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Happy travelers

Ben Hauser
Ben Hauser
High quality service, attention to every detail. The team was able to accommodate all our requests and was readily available to assist when our plans changed, sometimes last minute. Highly recommended.
Isabelle Dowling
Isabelle Dowling
Étant donné la situation sanitaire, un véritable parcours du combattant pour faire voyager une vieille dame sur des vols commerciaux, en plein confinement. Nous avons opté pour AeroJet Me, pour faire voyager ma belle mère, elle a pris un vol aller et un vol retour. Irina s'est occupée de tout au meilleur prix, elle est super disponible, elle a toujours répondu à toutes nos demandes quelque soit le moment. Pour l'aller j'avais fait faire un devis en direct avec l'opérateur, qui était beaucoup plus cher qu'en passant par AeroJet Me et en plus il ne gérait pas les à côtés, super important en cette période covid. Les lois changent tous les jours ou presque. Donc je recommande vivement.
Abe Glanz
Abe Glanz
Company was perfect with scheduling, it wasn't easy due to all COVID regulations and issues. Flight was on time and perfect. Would highly recommend
Jonathan Carol
Jonathan Carol
I flew with them a few months ago. It was nice to fly long distance without queues to board and without needing to fly with the mask on. I was the only one in the plane. I did not take fotos.
Great experience to travel privately, no need to wear a mask during the flight, as your all alone in the plane, with my wife. Whom I live with anyway. We can even practice social distancing if needed. She loves to shop. The way I see it, we can go shopping and come back in the same day to many destinations in Europe. While travelling there, I can relax with a nice bottle of wine and many treats. She can shop until she drops, as we have no excess luggage to pay, we go in and out of the airport, through the VIP area, so there are no queues, for anything. All formalities are taken care of my AeroJetMe. Our trip was the perfect wedding gift. Not as expensive as you might think. Oh I nearly forgot, AeroJetMe, also organised for us a Limo service, so we could go shopping, no need to hire a rent a car. AeroJetMe, took care of an amazing day for us, we are most grateful and we will definitely, do it again some time in the near future.
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AeroJet Me is a private jet charter company experienced in organizing tailor-made private jet rentals for business clients in many different sectors. Quite often, business requires efficient and stress-free transportation which can easily be achieved through a chartered rental. AeroJet Me accommodates all different professions and can tailor the experience to every client. Our team can also arrange for you a ground transportation to pick you up from any place of your choice as well as a helicopter transfer upon your arrival.

Our website will give you all necessary information about private flights and how to book a private jet through our online booking system. You will find also all information related to how a private jet charter is calculated and how much is a private jet flight.

Hire a lowest rate private jet charter


Flying should be a pleasure and we’ll make your private jet experience as luxurious and comfortable as possible. We guarantee your privacy, and we will work closely with your security provider on all aspects of your private jet charter.
Having access to more than 80,000 private planes worldwide, we can offer you a wide range of jets sizes starting from very light jets with 4 seats to business airliners capable to carry up to 30 passengers.

AeroJet Me always aims to satisfy its customers through a personal approach by dedicating a single advisor per client. It is very important to us to offer you the best experience and quality service. Our priority is to provide our valuable clients with all required information and travelling restrictions during current pandemic conditions due to COVID 19.

Security measures and safety is our main priority. Being in constant connection with more than 4000 operators, we have possibility to negotiate better rates and offer our customers competitive market rates with low brokerage fees.

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Private flights doesn’t mean that you cannot travel often due to high cost of the service. With our solution of empty legs you can charter a private jet with 75% up to 80% discount on the normal rate. For example an empty leg from Manchester to Amsterdam will cost you 4,500€ by a very light jet. Check our latest empty legs and start your journey today!

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