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Visiting F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2022

January 12, 2022

With a chance to enjoy an adventurous place like Monaco and watch a race like no other in the fabulous streets of F1 Grand Prix is an anticipated event for all car lovers. With Aerojet Me, unique comfort and high-quality service is all you can expect during your trip to Monaco.

All about F1 Monaco Grand Prix

F1 Monaco Grand Prix (photo)

Antony Noghes, a cigarette manufacturer, is the one that organized the event. The first Grand prix F1 Monaco date was in 1929. Since then, the Formula One Monaco Grand prix takes place every year and the best pilots around the world race through the adventurous and narrow streets of Monaco.

F1 Monaco Grand Prix with the Indianapolis and the 24 Hour Le men create the “Triple Crown”. The race isn’t famous for its anticipation, but rather for its difficulty. Monte Carlo is one of the longest standings, and one of the most popular of the Formula 1®. With 78 laps and a circuit length of 3.337km, drivers have challenges of a tight course and even tighter turns. Since the roads are narrow, the challenge doesn’t lie in speed but in technique.

The Grand prix F1 Monaco date is on 23 May 2022. If you are a car specialist or race enthusiast, you wouldn’t want to miss a race like this. But even if that’s not the case, the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix is a must-see for the speed, enthusiasm, anticipation, and the beautiful views of Monaco. And it happens only once a year.

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Your Monaco experience

Here are some of the best hotels to stay while in Monaco:

  • Fairmont Hotel 4*

Home to the world-famous Fairmont hairpin. The hotel has flexible check-in/check-out dates with rooftop access and a beautiful view of the race. Situated in the heart of Monaco it comes with a price of $2800 per room.

  • Hotel de Paris 5*

The hotel is located on the trackside in Casino square and is newly rebuilt and refurbished. The location of the hotels offers an iconic view of the race as well as different race-viewing locations. It comes at a price of $3200 per room.

  • Hotel Hermitage 5*

With fast check-in/check-out dates and situated in the very heart of Monaco, the hotel offers race viewing locations in it. It comes at a price of $3350.

But how can you go to Monaco? Luckily Monaco is a seaside country, so you can arrive at the place by sea, air or land. The most preferred option is by helicopter or private jet, as it most fits the luxury and importance of the event.

private jet from London to Monaco (photo)

Flying to F1 Monaco Grand Prix is now easier than ever. You can book the private jet from London to Monaco online and it will be ready to fly within one hour of booking. The airports are really close to Monaco too. You can either choose to land in Nice or Cannes.

The Nice-Côte d’Azur airport is located 6 kilometers away southwest from the city center. The airport serves Monaco also, but it is only accessible by helicopter or road. After you arrive at the airport, the jet advisor will take care of your transfer to the race.

The Cannes-Mandelieu Airport is for private aviation only. And it is ideally located to travel in Côte d’Azur. With the location and the terminal, this airport has everything the visitors need to welcome them in the best way possible.

The trip to the f1 Grand Prix is just as important as the event itself.

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