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Helicopter Charters

Tailored Helicopter Charter Solutions For Any Kind Of Occasions

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Helicopter Charters 

Helicopters provide a transportation opportunity not available with jets.  Vertical takeoff and landing allow for short trips across cities, up mountains or even out to sea.  A helicopter charter can make your transportation needs rapidly satisfied.

We will find the closest convenient heliport for you to be exactly where you need to be. Landing directly on your Yacht is also a possibility.

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Aerojet ME offers comprehensive private aviation services including helicopter charter, at very competitive price.

Events, by helicopter

Any major event such as Wimbledon, the Cannes Film Festival, or the Monaco Grand Prix causes traffic inside the city to be a nightmare.  For quick, unhindered transportation, a helicopter can deliver you directly to your destination.

Ski resorts, by helicopter

Some of the world’s best ski resorts are tucked back in the mountains, with hundreds of kilometers of road between main cities and the resort.  A helicopter charter can quickly take you and all of your luggage to the resort so you can begin your ski retreat early.

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Islands & Yachts, by helicopter

A helicopter also is capable of transport to small islands without large airstrips and can even land on yachts out at sea that are equipped with helipads.  Helicopter charters through Aerojet ME are perfect for quick transport with pinpoint destinations.

Our dedicated team arranges helicopter charters to a number of tropical destinations and secluded islands.

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