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Light Jet

Cessna Citation CJ2

Seats 6
Bagagge Capacity 6 Suitcase + 3 Carry-on
Speed 720 kmh
Range 2593 km
Interior Width 1,47 m
Interior Height 1,45 m

Hire Cessna Citation CJ2Short Overview

The Citation CJ2 are small-cabined business light jets, which entered service in 2000. The cabin of these small jets feature six individual seats in a club four plus two arrangement with emergency washroom facilities at the rear. The Citation Jet 2 is the ideal choice for near European private flights for up to 3 hours where jet travel is essential, but economy is also important.

The Cessna Citation CJ2 entered into service in 2000 as a stretch extension of the CJ1 and production of it ran until 2006 when the first CJ2+ aircraft were delivered, featuring upgraded avionics, improved performance and a modernised operating system and interior.

The Cessna Citation CJ2 is capable of a greater maximum cruise speed than both its predecessor and the CJ1+, as well as an increased range. This Light Jet is an extremely popular choice for flights between major European cities, London to Rome for example, due to its high performance and excellent value for money.

Cessna Citation CJ2

Light Jet Aircraft

Offering nearly a metre more in cabin length to the CJ1, these aircraft can accommodate up to 6 passengers in great comfort, typically in a Club 4 formation with an additional individual seat at the aft. There is also ample space for a lavatory and a small front galley.