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Cessna Citation Mustang

Light jet
Citation Mustang

Charter a Citation Mustang 

The Cessna Citation Mustang is a state of the art private jet capable of carrying up to four passengers with 2 pilots, built to provide ample storage area, advanced engine controls and a sleek aerodynamic design. The smallest of the Cessna Citation family, the Citation Mustang features one of the fastest cruising speeds and the largest baggage capacities in the class. An ideal aircraft for flights up to 2.5 hours in duration.

This aircraft is a concentrated place for business aviation and is a very good “work tool” with 4 very comfortable VIP seats. Its cabin is narrow but about 3 meters (2.97M) long. The aicraft is equipped with two engines, requires two pilots, and flies at a speed of 630 km/h, with a maximum flight distance of more than 2,000 km. It is a sophisticated aircraft, very safe, and can even be used at any time, and most importantly, it can be used at many airports. Pilot’s suggestion: A true light jet star, because it is an economical solution for short-distance flights with 4 people.

For example, Geneva-Paris or London-Paris or Figari, Geneva-Olbia and Geneva-Madrid. Small and steerable aircraft can land on small aircraft and can be used in most local airports.

Category: LIGHT JET
Range: 2100 km
Seats: 4
Hourly Rate: 1500 €/hour

Cabin Specifications

1.4m Image cabine 1.37m

Technical specifications

Manufacturer Cessna
Model Citation Mustang
Speed 539 km/h
Range 2100 km
Hourly Rate 1500 €/hour
Purchase Price 3 500 000 €


+44 7810 5387 779

Cessna Citation Mustang