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Last-minute Charter

Last-Minute Charter Solution Anywhere Anytime

Why last-minute charters

No matter what happens, last minute charters are the best solution for your unexpected change of plans. Whether it be for an unplanned event, cancelled flights, a last-minute decision to travel or go on holidays. Our 24/7 availability makes last minute private jet charter flights seem like an uber booking.

While making sure that you get a luxurious and comforting flight, Aerojet Me prepares you to take off within an hour of your reservation. Book your last-minute jet charter now and choose from the diversity of jets we offer.

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When to book last-minute charters

Flight cancellations and strikes are unpleasant surprises that can ruin your course of plans. A last-minute private jet seat can help you deal with unforeseen events.

If you have an urgent business meeting you need to attend, or should get a valuable item such as a document, Aerojet Me has you covered. If you like making decisions in the last minute, a trip is easier than ever now. Save time and book last minute flights to your desired destination fast.

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Advantages of Last-minute charters



Our skilled crew starts preparing the aircraft for immediate departure after the reservation is made. Aerojet Me last minute charter flights get you in the air within an hour after reservation.

Charter Flight Experience

Charter Flight Experience

We have experience in thousands of last-minute direct flights and understand your needs. Our skilled crew is at your disposal during the flight, taking care of your luggage and accommodation.

Favorable Rates

Favorable Rates

You can choose the last-minute private jet empty leg that best fits your budget and needs. Aerojet Me makes sure that there is a variety of prices.

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