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How to overcome the fear of flying? The use of private flights to manage flight fear

August 16, 2021

People with a fear of flying experience intense anxiety, mind-numbing distress, and in many cases an inability to operate efficiently. Their ability to function has been impaired by this phobia. In many cases, they display extreme manifestations of their fear — panic attacks, violent reactions, vomiting, and even a complete shutdown of their motor functions. […]

Best Ideas for a Luxury Honeymoon

August 16, 2021

Studies have demonstrated, without a shadow of a doubt, that getting married, that fateful day you walk down the aisle and all the preambles, is among the 10 most stressful life events you’ll likely encounter. There’s unmitigated pressure. Every one of which is pulling at you and your partner. That day, and the months leading […]

Planning Your Private Flights with Travel Restrictions

August 9, 2021

Flying these days is getting more and more complicated, especially with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Now, instead of having to jump through the hoops of security checks and x-rays, one has to worry about the current COVID procedures in the country they are visiting. This is on top of personal health concerns in crowded areas […]

What Is an Empty Leg Flight? The Benefits of Empty Leg Charter Flight

August 9, 2021

Private charter and their empty leg flights spoil you. The possibility of crossing the wild-blue yonder like a Rock-star or a jettisoning millionaire thrills our very souls. Galavanting around the skies on a small jet, sipping champagne, trying to flush out the indignities of flying commercials from our system, is everyone’s dream. Still, and pardon […]