Traveling Without Limits. Can Private Planes Fly Anywhere?

Can Private Planes Fly Anywhere? Private Flights Limitations & Advantages

December 23, 2021

Can private planes fly anywhere? How about flying a private plane internationally or to Europe? How far can a private plane fly? Have you asked yourself any of those questions? You probably have if you’ve ever considered chartering a private jet. We’re here to answer those brain teasers and a couple more. Give you all the need-to-know, the deep scoop on private jets — their limitations, as well as their advantages.

Can Private Planes Fly Anywhere?


The deep cut, the easy-to-digest answer is, well, simple and succinct — YES. There are no border problems or federal issues when it comes to private planes. They share the same autonomy as commercial planes. Not just that, due to their size, their speed, and their cruising altitude they have a couple of advantages over those behemoths.

Can private planes fly without limitations? Private charter planes are limited only by their infrastructure, the weather, and their passengers — the last one being that all passengers must have valid documents for entering a country, also that the country permits them entry. In that sense, they face the same issues as most commercial airlines.

Commercial planes will only be able to take you as far as their fueling capability and flight plan will permit them.

charter plane flight plan

A commercial plane can’t take the shock of certain weather phenomena, this means that they will be grounded when the prospect of one sneaks up out of nowhere. And, finally, a commercial plane can only deliver passengers that have all their documents in order — including their entry visas. These same issues affect private planes.

The main difference and one of their biggest advantages is that private planes are small. What does that mean in the long run?

•Private planes don’t need a lot of runway for take-off or to land. They can access small airports and tiny tarmacs. Get a premier parking spot in some of the most remote regions of the world, something commercial airlines can’t do.

•Private planes don’t have to stick to a strict – marketable – schedule. Airlines bulk up their flight routes and their services in peak seasons. Why? Because their whole business model is based on packing each plane tight with as many passengers as possible — that means that in peak seasons they’ll have more planes available, while in low seasons, you’ll have to do with what little their profit margins can afford. Flying on a private jet allows passengers the ability to plan their trip around their schedule, around their seasons, not the ones of the airline.

•Private jets are faster. In many cases, some private jets are quite faster than most commercial planes. They have less red-tape deal with, they don’t have to follow strict flight routes, and due to their size, they are more aerodynamic. Commercial planes in many cases have to haul a lot of weight — passengers, luggage, their own mass. Private jets don’t have that same problem.

How to Fly on a Private Jet?


Most jet companies follow a simple by-the-book procedure when contacted by a client that wants to fly on a private plane, and it all starts with a phone call or a meet and greet.

•The client sends the flight details: desired travel date and times, as well as how many people will be traveling with them. The more trip information the better.

•Charter solution: The company gives the client, once a logistic plan is analyzed, all the solutions available. This includes the types of planes offered as well as the services in them. Maximum beds, flight attendants, WiFi or no WiFi, etc.

how to fly on a private plane

•3 charter solutions are chosen: if the client is in hurry the company will probably ask them to choose 3 solutions. Why? For availability. In the private aviation business availability changes at the drop of a hat — so if they need the plane ASAP it’s better to have a second or third option just in case the first is already booked. If the client can wait or is booking in advance, then this is moot.

•Agreement: an agreement is signed, along with cancelation terms, and payment arranged.

•Passenger details: the client sends passenger details and preferences regarding services and catering.

•Show up: this one is simple — the client shows up, they and their group are escorted inside and the experience begins.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Private Plane Travel


What destinations can a private jet travel to?

As long as it has a tarmac, a good private plane company can get you there. They might need to refuel, each plane varies on how long they can stay in the air before needing a bit of petrol, but that’s just a small stop-over. Truth is that most private jet companies travel everywhere.

How far can a private jet fly without refueling?

The typical range on a single tank for a private jet is about 1,500 miles. That’s for a small plane. Bigger ones have bigger tanks. Nonetheless, this is enough to carry the passenger to any major destination in the US without having to refuel.

Can you fly with a private plane to Europe?

Private planes can depart and arrive at any airport in Europe. Not only that, but statistically speaking they arrive and depart ten times more than scheduled commercial flights. In other words, yes. You can travel to Europe, it all depends on where you are — if you’re far you might need to stop for refueling.

What are the limitations of private plane flights in terms of destinations and distances?

A light jet, that’s a small one, has a range of 1000-1800 miles, starts about 3-4 hours of flight time. Large cabin jets can travel up to 4000+ miles, the equivalent of 6-10+ hours. It all depends on the type of private jet you contracted.

Can you just fly in and out of countries when you own a private jet?

The final question is really a trick question. Yes, you can travel to any country or any place with a private jet, the problems arise once you arrive and the immigration officer is knocking on your door. You’ll still need travel documents and you’ll still have to live by that country’s tourism policy.

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