How To Plan Your Private Flights with Travel Restrictions

Planning Your Private Flights with Travel Restrictions

August 9, 2021

Flying these days is getting more and more complicated, especially with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Now, instead of having to jump through the hoops of security checks and x-rays, one has to worry about the current COVID procedures in the country they are visiting. This is on top of personal health concerns in crowded areas like airports and planes. So, what can travelers do and what is the role of private flights for traveling without limits?


What Kind of Travel Restriction Challenges Can Travelers Experience During Continued Pandemic Precautions?


Each country has its restrictions and challenges based on current events regarding COVID in their countries and these restrictions are changing daily. Restrictions may also be based on the traveler’s country of origin or where they were traveling in the 14 days before attempting to enter the destination country. In some countries, travelers may even have to quarantine upon arrival and then again when returning home.

This is assuming the current climate regarding COVID does not change while the traveler is abroad, whether in their home country or the country they are in. Sudden lockdowns found many people stuck far away from home, unsure of when or how they would be returning.


Airports and airplanes themselves pose another issue: health. Airports are full of different people going to all kinds of different places as restrictions loosen, what if one of them is sick? Many people take their masks off to eat or drink, exposing others to what they might be carrying. This is worse on a plane, which is an enclosed space. Even when requiring masks, people still take them off to eat, drink, or in the bathroom. This could potentially expose an entire flight of people to coronavirus that they take to their next destination.


How To Plan Private Flights to Get by Any Travel Restriction Challenges


Private jet flights may seem like a fantasy to many travelers, but renting a private jet flight is more accessible than ever. There are cheap private jets to the USA, private charter flights to the UK, and even private charter flights for the rest of Europe. Booking private flights is just as simple as booking a regular ones, only with a lot fewer hoops to jump through to fly. However, travelers still have to keep in mind local restrictions in their destination.

tips to plan a private flight during pandemic


As the UK is now no longer a part of the European Union, they have their own rules and regulations set by their government. First things first, though, travelers should check to see where the country they were last in is on the UK’s Guidance List as this will determine what needs to be done before and after entry into the UK.

Luckily, flying in a private jet to the UK limits the possibility of exposure between tests. The rules will vary on whether the country of origin is red, amber, or green and if the traveler is vaccinated or unvaccinated.

The UK has another list of jobs that may be exempt from current travel restrictions which, of course, come with new restrictions in turn. Business travelers are considered to be bringing in a significant amount of money or jobs to Britain. When returning home, travelers should be aware that return restrictions may change while they are abroad.

Typically, however, these restrictions only mean a COVID test and/or a quarantine. By booking a private jet in advance, travelers drastically decrease the risk of getting stranded in another country if travel restrictions in that country or to the country of origin change.


The United States has 33 countries that travelers that have been in those regions within 14 days of attempting to enter the US are restricted on whether or not they can enter. Exceptions are usually made for students or people coming on business by applying for specific visas.

Whether a US citizen or a non-national visiting, travelers must take a COVID test within 3 days of arriving in the US and may have to quarantine if they are not vaccinated. Booking a private international flight, however, limits potential exposure to COVID right before taking a test.

Rules for travelers returning to their home country vary from country to country and may change while travelers are abroad as the situation in their home country changes. Thankfully, most countries are following similar guidelines in regards to returning nationals. Most will require a negative COVID test and a quarantine if the traveler is not vaccinated.

However, the situation in the country the traveler is currently in may also change, which is why booking a return flight on a private jet in advance is a good practice to reduce the risk of becoming stranded away from home.


The European Union is currently working on gradually lifting traveling restrictions from most 3rd party countries. However, restrictions are largely up to the individual country to decide, which is why research is always important before booking a flight anywhere.

Some countries may still require travelers to quarantine upon arrival while others may have already lifted restrictions completely. Exceptions in most cases are made by the type of visa the traveler has applied for, with most exceptions going towards students, medical professionals, and business travelers.

Returning from the European Union is going to be based on the traveler’s home country’s restrictions and current climate, which can change almost at the drop of a hat. Booking a private jet flight ahead of time acts as a fail-safe in case travel restrictions to and from countries change again. Some countries will also require a negative COVID test upon return and flying private will help limit exposure to COVID.

Why Choose Private Flights to Travel?


Most people wonder how much does it cost to a private jet flight? They often assume that booking private flights is out of reach because of price but private jet flight prices are only going down. During the pandemic, private jet flight booking saw a dramatic increase as people used them to get home while airports were shut down. Governments are even using private flights to expedite the delivery of essential medical supplies and vaccines to areas in dire need of them. This increase in use means private jet flight prices are being reduced as more people use them, but retain the same level of luxury expected with flying private.


why choose private flights to get by travel restrictions


Flying private also reduces the risk of exposure to the coronavirus, protecting travelers’ safety and that of their family and friends they come into contact with after landing. This is especially important when flying internationally, as many countries will require a negative COVID test before allowing travelers to enter the country.


Commercial airlines commonly purposefully overbook their flights on the assumption that some people will not make the flight, but this more than often leads to people being booted from the flight. Choosing to book private flights means a guaranteed seat on the plane and not worry about a crowded, overbooked flight. Private jet flights also offer a level of service that simply is not possible on commercial flights and is now more accessible, largely due to the coronavirus pandemic.



Due to the coronavirus pandemic, booking commercial flights is harder than ever. Add in the restrictions around travel that varies country by country also due to the coronavirus pandemic, traveling may not seem worth it. However, booking a private jet flight instead of a commercial flight eliminates most of the health concerns and difficulties that currently come with attempting to travel. Private flights allow travelers to keep their families safe and not have to worry about missing out on their trip or returning home in the case the pandemic worsens.