Flights to Europe in 2021-2022: Top Vacation Destinations

Top Places for Flights to Europe in 2021-2022

October 3, 2021

Each year, international travel in Europe and the number of flights to Europe increases. More than 35% of global tourism expenditure is generated in the EU — and more than half of the world’s outbound tourism occurs in Europe. Flights from UK to Europe and London-Europe flights, in particular, are extremely popular.

The EU is the most visited region on the planet, it accounts for 54% of tourism arrival. Why is that? European vacation destinations are some of the most thrilling, culturally relevant, and diverse on the planet.

In this article, we’re going to show you ten of the best tourist destinations in the EU block. Amazing locales to visit on your own or with the help of a private charter flight to Europe. The ten best places to plunge into and embrace the majestic atmosphere of Europe.

Europe, the hotspot to visit in summer, winter, spring, and fall — all year long

Summer flights to Europe are a must. Why? The region has a superb tourism industry. One that thrives, supplements businesses, brings employment and is essential to most countries’ economic systems.

Europe is one of the most tourist-friendly locales on the planet. World-renowned cities, quaint Mediterranean towns, azure beach resorts, Alpine ski-lodges are at the beg and call of the world’s tourists. A mixture of old/world allure, mouthwatering scenarios, and a combination of sunshine and mystique. Europe has it all.

flights to Europe in 2021-2022

Whether you’re jumping on a flight to London or a private jet to Prague, Europe has something for everyone. Snow-covered Alpine passes, white sand beaches, legendary museums. Culture, food, and nature, Europe’s manifold atmosphere will always keep you guessing. It never disappoints and always entertains.

Here are the 10 most visited places in Europe — Hop on one of our summer flights to Europe and check them out.

Top ten best places to visit in Europe on private charter flights


Greece has over 227 islands and hosts some of Europe’s best beaches. Sure Athens and Meteora are a most while you’re in the country, but Greece’s true magic lies in its island. With stunning beaches, white marble towns, and a seafood culinary buffet that’s bound to leave you breathless, Greece really has it all.


Prague was one of the few towns in Europe not devastated by World War II. Full of mystery, allure, and culture, a tourist who goes to Prague often feel like they’ve stepped back in time. Visit the Karlov Bridge, the Astronomical Clock, and its epic Castle. Prague is a most in winter. The perfect romantic getaway.

The Azores

A small autonomous region of Portugal, this archipelago locked in the middle of the Ocean is one of Europe’s hidden gems. The best time to visit this niche enclave of nature is in August — cloudy days are few and the weather is just perfect.

Geological hotspots, craters, world-renowned bars, charter a private flight to any of the Azores’ islands and visit a land right out of a fairy-tale.


Cyprus is varied. It’s an amalgamation of beach, culture, and political infighting. 2/3 of the island belongs to the Cypriots while the other has been under Turkish occupation since 1974. Amazing beaches in Ayia Napa lost temples in Paphos, and the up-and-coming coastal megastars that is Limassol, Cyprus has a bit for everyone.

why fly to cyprus

In a single day, you can visit a beach, travel up a mountain and dine in a snow-covered bungalow, and travel to another country simply by walking the Cyprus/Turkish border cross. Private flights to Cyprus never disappoint.


On the border with Serbia, Kosovo, and Albania, this western Balkan country is one of the least traveled yet most intoxicating places on the map. Tourists who visit it always come back enchanted by its beauty and otherworldly atmosphere.

Spring, summer, winter, fall, Montenegro is a year-round tourist destination. Rugged terrains, notable peaks, and blue-crystalline beaches. Montenegro stays locked in your memory — once you leave it, you can’t wait to come back.


Formed about 250 million years ago, Corsica is one of the most multifaceted islands in Europe. A mix of French nobility and romance sprinkled with the ebullient zest of Italy. A top-tier destination to charter private jet flights to Europe too. The birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte is a must-see.


This once military stronghold and fishing village west of Nice was the first town to be liberated by the Allies in World War II. It rapidly, since that period, became a magnificent resort destination for the jet-set, renowned artist, and bohemian tourists.

Iconic, culturally diverse, and Saint-Tropez is a port town you have to have on your bucket list. Charter a summer flight to its head-turning, topless beaches — popularized in the movie “God Created Woman,” by the blonde bombshell Brigitte Bardot.


A small little secret only a few know about, Hallstatt, Austria is one of the most bewildering and beautiful towns to visit during winter. Sitting in an isolated lake, this tiny town is dwarfed by the Alps. Gleaming white snow, wooden houses, year-round energetic hikes, Hallstatt is Austria’s winter golden child.

The Canary Islands

Chartering private planes for flights to Europe to one of the eight main Canary Islands is one of the best ways to really enjoy them to the max. Pine forest, sun-drenched beaches, sandy coves, Sahara-like dunes, and even volcanoes the Canary Islands are full of off-the-beaten-track adventures that every tourist will cherish. Let your wanderlust take over.


This medieval town is home to one of the most famous Christmas markets in the world. Visiting Nuremberg in winter, during the yuletide season is a must. A dreamland hotspot full of good cheer, addictive gingerbread, hot mulled wine, and otherworldly X-Mas knickknacks.

Fly into Nuremberg in one of our private jets and experience a true winter wonderland.

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Private Flights to Europe – The Вenefits of Flying in Luxury

Safety, comfort, and style, a private charter plane comes equipped with all those advantages — more so, given today’s dynamic post-pandemic travel situation, a private charter plane offers tourists and travelers assurances and sanitary guarantees normal commercial flights can’t.

Visit any of these awe-inspiring locales in the convenience and sanitary assurance of one of our top-of-the-line private jet flights to Europe.