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Top 10 Mediterranean Destinations to Visit by Private Jet Charter

February 21, 2022

Do you love warm sunny weather, pristine blue sea-water, lively nightlife and picturesque sunsets? Then, read this article to learn more about the 10 best Mediterranean destinations for your holidays with luxury private jet travel. 1. Mykonos The first must-see Mediterranean destination is Mykonos, one of the most popular islands in Greece. Known for its […]

Top 5 most expensive private jets. Luxury private jet travel

February 16, 2022

Private jets becoming much more popular Private jets are becoming much more popular lately. As the number of millionaires increases, the market for private jets and private jet charters is expected to grow, too. Even though private jet travel costs are not as sky-high as they once were, they are still quite expensive. Cheaper alternatives […]

The Most Luxurious Private Jet Interiors

February 14, 2022

Nowadays, flying in a private jet isn’t only for famous celebrities or the wealthiest. Because lately chartering a private jet has become more affordable and an alternative to commercial flights. Many business professionals charter private jets to save time and attend conferences or enjoy enough privacy to work along the flight. In this article, we […]

Private Jet Buying Guide. How Much is a Private Jet to Buy?

December 30, 2021

What factors will predispose your position, and when is it justified to splurge on one of these big-ticket items. It’s not your budget you have to consider but a few other critical things — things that might make you rethink the whole idea of private jet buying. Why buy a private jet? Sometimes even first […]