Luxury Honeymoon: Best Ideas & Tips For Great Vacation

Best Ideas for a Luxury Honeymoon

August 16, 2021

Studies have demonstrated, without a shadow of a doubt, that getting married, that fateful day you walk down the aisle and all the preambles, is among the 10 most stressful life events you’ll likely encounter. There’s unmitigated pressure. Every one of which is pulling at you and your partner.

That day, and the months leading up to it, is riddled with problems. Getting married is stressful. It’s full of emotional triggers and common anxieties.

That’s one of the main reasons that once the party is kaput, most couples high-tail it to their honeymoon. It’s not just to keep up with the traditions, but because they truly need it to stay sane. They need to reconnect. They need to forge unforgettable memories. They need to foster that sense of togetherness.

They need to relax — and, more importantly, they need private time. Moments of intimacy. That’s why, for everyone that’s about to tie the knot, a luxury honeymoon is a must-have.

Luxury Honeymoon — What is it?

Luxury is one of those tricky nouns that has the bittersweet taste of being an adjective in disguise. It’s one of those terms whose definition is up for grabs and open to interpretation. For some, it’s comfort, leisure, gratification. For others, it’s splendor, high-living, opulence.

luxury honeymoon - what is it

But, no matter how you define luxury, the one thing you can’t escape is that you should feel satisfied. It shouldn’t feel cheap, nor should it feel like you’re flying coach — a nagging voice at the back of your head pestering you: “Why didn’t you just pay a tiny bit more.

You only get one shot at this. You only get ONE honeymoon.” A luxury honeymoon, any honeymoon for that matter, shouldn’t feel simply like another vacation.

Luxury Honeymoons — benchmarks for reckless pleasure and great memories.

No matter how you define luxury, some key points that are inherent to all interpretations. Benchmarks that you simply can’t bypass.

Why? Because they make or break your honeymoon. These are some of the boxes you’ll need to mark off to have a luxurious honeymoon. The checkmarks you simply can’t pull out a discount card and try to save a buck or two on.

Remember, you only get ONE honeymoon — everything after, even reenactments, pale in comparison. You might as well aim for the bleachers and try to knock it out of the park.

Luxury honeymoon destinations

Rome, Athens, Paris, Mykonos, Buenos Aires, Hawaii — Whether it’s cultural enclaves, urban megalopolises, white sand beaches, or a classic, but a goodie, the City Of Lights, Paris, you will want to aim high.

It should be an iconic setting. The sort of luxury voyage or rich honeymoon destination you and your better-half have always dreamt of. They sort of place that seems big, otherworldly, a pipe-dream. Honeymoons are about extravagance and creating the foundations for that life you’re going to live together. It should start with a bang.

luxury honeymoon destinations list

If you and your couple want to relax by the beach, don’t settle for the Jersey shore, splurge on Bali. If the both of you want to visit art galleries, don’t hop on a bus and go to the nearest city, hop on a plane to Berlin and it’s dazzling Bauhaus feel.

Most luxurious honeymoon spots? Here are the top ten:

Bora Bora




Las Vegas






Luxury honeymoon accommodation

Think Villas — not hotel rooms. Your honeymoon should feel intimate. You should feel like you’re the only two people on the planet. Hotel rooms are conveyor belts, one guest after another, where privacy is a myth. They lack personality and familiarity.

When booking a stay for your honeymoon, try to find luxury honeymoon offers. Most sites and properties have great luxury honeymoon villas. With all-inclusive options, carefully handcrafted culinary delights, and the sort of pampered existence reserved for kings and rock stars.

Contact them before booking and give them the scoop on what you’re celebrating — most concierge and managers get a kick out of helping couples out and giving them the all-start treatment on their honeymoon.

Luxury flight

Traveling has always come with a certain degree of challenges. Airports aren’t the most passive and tranquil places — let alone the most romantic.

Your luggage is tossed on the belt with wanton disregard, at security you’re made to strip down to your undies, your flight is delayed, and once you board your plane – drenched in perspiration and on your last nerves – you realize that the nightmare has just begun.

Your seat is the size of a thimble, and you can’t get any rest because the plane is packed with restless travelers. Not exactly the hallmarks of what we envision when we hear the term luxury honeymoon.

By the time you arrive at your destination, everything that has been living rent-free in your head has been supplanted by a warm shower and half-day sleep. You have post-flight PTSD.

So, why not, just for once, pamper yourself and charter a luxury private flight? Book a private luxury flight and start enjoying your honeymoon right away.

charter a luxury flight

What are you getting out of your luxury honeymoon?

You only live once. A luxury voyage and rich honeymoon is the sort of tale you tell your kids about. It’s the sort of emotional landmine you purposely and with great enthusiasm continually like to set off. It reminds you of a different epoch, of your romance, of your potential as a couple.

Don’t skimp out on this once-in-a-lifetime event.