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How Does The Weather Affect Flying in a Private Jet?

February 14, 2022

How does weather affect flights? Weather can seriously affect private jet safety and comfort. As many commercial aircrafts are flying more than five miles above the ground, they can be affected by the same conditions we are experiencing on the ground. VS private jets which fly higher don’t get affected that much. That’s why before […]

What Is an Empty Leg Flight? The Benefits of Empty Leg Charter Flight

August 9, 2021

Private charter and their empty leg flights spoil you. The possibility of crossing the wild-blue yonder like a Rock-star or a jettisoning millionaire thrills our very souls. Galavanting around the skies on a small jet, sipping champagne, trying to flush out the indignities of flying commercials from our system, is everyone’s dream. Still, and pardon […]

Three reasons why you should use a private jet for traveling

December 7, 2020

Are you a world explorer? Do you want to make your business traveling easier? If yes, then you must choose a private jet for travel. Usually, people think that private jet charter costs highly, which could only be offered by millionaires. So you may be on the wrong assumption as there are many deals you can avail. Now the market is flooded with private jets and specific discounts.