Embraer Pulse Concept is the Future of Private Air Travel

Embraer Pulse Concept is the Future of Private Air Travel

May 21, 2020

What’s the best thing about flying privately? Most will tell you it is cutting out the stress and inconvenience of the airport. Can it get any better than emerging from your jet and walking straight into your car on the runway? According to the design team at Embraer, it certainly can. The Embraer Pulse Concept goes one better by allowing the VVIP traveler to go from air to ground without leaving their seat.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer enlisted the help of its Design Ops team to help visualize what private aviation might look like in the next 50 years. They took inspiration from the first-ever concept car – Harley Earl’s Buick Y-Job – and made another world-first: an aerospace concept car. The aesthetics may look incredibly futuristic, but the design brings back the original romanticism of flight from the 1950s and 60s.

Embraer Pulse echoes the previous EmbraerX concept in that they both take off and land vertically. The radical concept looks to mimic the flight of birds rather than a machine. The first commercial aircraft offering vertical takeoff and landing might not be too far off (as soon as 2030), but the Embraer Pulse Concept is a quantum leap into the future.

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As the plane lands, the passenger pod automatically transfers to a vehicle
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The integrated panels will allow passengers to stay connected throughout their journey

Novelly marked for 2070, the Pulse Concept takes the future of travel to a whole new level. The main passenger pod can be transferred from an autonomous aircraft to an unmanned vehicle. It creates a seamless transportation experience for the passengers as they remain in a single personal space from door to door.

As well as revolutionizing the way we travel, the Embraer Pulse Concept would completely change the experience, too. The pod is completely transparent, allowing passengers to fully appreciate the joy of flying. The views as you descend on New York, Dubai, Monaco or London would be incredible. The design team admits that the pod design counts on significant advances in glass technology and see-through alloy metals.

If the passengers grow tired of the views, the glass surrounding them will be interactive, offering them the chance to do work, watch movies, or make a video call to colleagues awaiting their arrival.


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