The Bombardier Global 5550 Jet for Easy and Fast traveling

The Bombardier Global 5550 Jet Can Cruise at Mach 0.90

July 1, 2020

Michael Hemsworth — July 1, 2020 — AutosReferences: businessaircraft.bombardier uncrate

bombardier global 5550 jet

The Bombardier Global 5550 Jet is one of the latest aircrafts from the company that will provide passengers with the ability to easily travel between locations in a nonstop manner. The jet is capable of traveling a whopping 5,900 nautical miles, which allows for long-haul flights like Los Angeles to Moscow and other similarly distant journeys. This is achieved thanks to the Rolls-Royce Pearl engines that enable the aircraft to cruise at Mach 0.90 to also get travelers to their destination at a quicker pace.

The Bombardier Global 5550 Jet features a standard configuration with seating for 16 along with several opulent finishing touches like the Pur air filtration system that refreshes the cabin air every 90 seconds to keep it 99.99% clean.