Why Fly to Maldives? 3 Myths About Maldives That Stop You From the Best Rest of Your Life

Why Fly to Maldives? Top Myths About Maldives That Stop You From the Best Rest of Your Life

October 15, 2021

Taking a flight to the Maldives and synching up with all that breathtaking beauty – worthy of a screen-saver – “fly to Maldives” is the sort of vacation that’s on everyone’s bucket list.

No matter who you are. The thing is that, due to rampant speculation, and not to mention bad tourist press, certain myths have arisen about the Maldives — primarily the fact that they might be cost-prohibitive.

In this article, we’ll tear those fables down and tell you how to properly craft a great trip to this exotic locale.

Whether it’s a direct flight to the Maldives or a quick Moscow-Maldives excursion, this alluring and glamorous locale has never been more affordable and simple to get to.

Why fly to Maldives?

Why invest and fly to the Maldives? What makes this area so majestic and spellbinding?

Honestly, there’s no ONE reason for it. Simply put, the Maldives are just a magical collection of islands, brimming with all types of attractions and resorts and adventures that can enchant even the most jaded traveler.

When most people envision the Maldives they imagine one huge island filled with beaches and coconut drinks — and yes, that’s part of the fun, but the reality is that the area is an archipelago.

A collection of small islands each with its own unique spark. A few are large enough to support an international airport, while others are simply one palm tree stuck on a few queer meters of sand.

some reasons to fly to the maldives


The truth is that in the Maldives there are thousands of things to do. Sure you could just lay on the beach, soak up the rays, and get a tan, but if you’re a bit antsy, activities abound to get your blood boiling and your heart pumping.

We’ll give you a small list down below as we take apart one of the most insidious myths that seem to dog the Maldives heel — that fact that it’s just for layabouts that are only concerned about their tan.

How do I get to the Maldives

How do you fly to Maldives?

The best way to travel to the Maldives is to book an international flight from Europe, the Middle East, Singapore, Sri Lanka, London, Moscow, and other key locations around the globe.

Your flight will arrive at Male International Airport, also known as Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. You can book either a commercial flight or a private plane.

The most common routes are London – Maldives, Dubai – Maldives, Moscow – Maldives.

Once you arrive at Male, depending on the island you’ll be spending your holiday, you can either take a speed boat or a seaplane.

3 misconceptions regarding the Maldives

Unlike the Caribbean and other beach-soaked locales, the Maldives’ is swamped in a couple of misconceptions that ultimately hurt its tourist trade. It’s still one of those places that needs a better PR department.

With stunning reefs, coveted scenarios, and picture-perfect villas, the Maldives seem too good to be true. Oddly enough, this tropical getaway is much easier to visit than some Greek Islands or certain parts of Mexico.

Why? It has a highly efficient tourist network — the government has made it their mission, partly because most of the gross-national product comes from tourism – to make this paradise incredibly easy and cheap to navigate.

Here are some myths that need to be addressed about the Maldives

It’s too far away

Balderdash — Yes, the Maldives are located in the Indian Ocean, about 700km from Sri Lanka, but that doesn’t mean they are on Mars.

Getting to the Maldives is both easy and affordable. There are fantastic partnerships between airlines that make the trek.

And yes, due in part to their remoteness, some passengers might have to take 16-hour long trips, but in many cases, they are far easier to access than some Greek Island – which you can only get through by using Athen’s ferry service.

It’s for the ultra-rich and/or celebrities

Mired in elegance, the Maldives has garnered a reputation for being extremely expensive and lavish. That was ONCE the case.

Today, due to the government’s desire to bring in more tourists, plus an extremely competitive tourist trade, the Maldives has become both affordable as well as accessible.

That’s not to say that some villas, with the type that’s on overwater stilts, waterslides, a couple of trained dolphins, and a personal chef don’t come with a hefty price tag.

myth about maldives

A savvy researcher can find all manner of affordable resorts, plus you can also visit the area in the off-seasons. There are thousands of blogs online brimming with tips on how to stretch your budget.

It’s just sand — there’s nothing else to do

Swaying palm trees, glistening blue waves, sand so fine and white that it looks unreal. That’s what most people think of when they imagine the Maldives.

For some, it’s enough. For others, too much relaxation might cause them unwanted stress. Yes, poolside cocktails and lounge chairs beckon you at every call, but there’s so much more to do.

For example:


•Sunset cruises.

•Swimming with dolphins.

•Swimming with sharks.


•Deep-sea fishing.



•Spa treatments.

•Wine tasting.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as every island and hotel and fishing village will have a unique list of activities you can participate in.

The delicious Maldives

Whether you take a commercial plane or book one of our direct – no-hassle – flights to the Maldives, you simply have to chalk those breathtaking islands off your bucket list.

The Maldives is one of the most fantastical places on the planet, and also more of the most culturally rich regions. A buffet of traditions and culture — Sri Lankan, Expats, Brits, African, Persian, Arabs, Indonesian, African, Indian.

The Maldives is worth the investment and there’s no time like the present to reach for your dreams and take an unscheduled holiday.