How to Choose The Right Private Jet Rental Company

How to Choose The Best Private Jet Rental Company

November 15, 2021

Picking the right private jet rental company is key to truly getting the most out of your investment. It’s not an easy task, luxury jet private rentals are a consumer huge trend right now and that upsurge has sort of muddied the water.

There’s too much product, too much competition, too many choices. Each private jet charter rental business has an exclusive service, with a lot of fringe benefits and bombastic headlines.

In this article, we’re going to give you tips on how to avoid all the pomp and circumstance and truly hire out one of the best private jet rental companies out there. How to avoid the flash and go for what really matters.

Why choose a luxury private jet rental?

Why do people switch from regular flights to private charter flights? What’s so attractive about private jet rental companies? Well, it’s truly a multitude of things. There’s not just one reason but a buffet of them — some full of nutritional values, others a bit more vacuous.

Air charter services for private jet rentals are on the rise because right now, post-COVID — mid restructuring of the aeronautical industry – everything is still extremely chaotic. No one is certain what’s going on. Before, the main reasons you went online and searched for private jet rental deals was because:

•You wanted to travel in style and luxury.
•You wanted to have more control over your whole airline experience.

why choose a luxuty private jet rental company

Today, that’s all changed. Those two reasons have fallen to the wayside.

Today, private jet rental companies give you something even more important — safety. They maintain strict COVID protocols, helping you arrive safe and sound at your destination. They uphold social distancing practices, ensuring that you travel with not only comfort but with a sanitary buffer zone.

Finally, the best private jet rental firms take care of their passenger’s transportation needs, particularly when it comes to restrictions and border limitations. What COVID vaccines are accepted where you’re going? What test will you require to enter? What conditions and judicial issues are waiting for you once you step off the plane into your destination?

Why is picking the right private jet rental company important?

A harsh reality of the field is that there are dozens of luxury charter jet rentals, each and everyone advertising themselves as the best private jet rental company in the field. It’s part of everyone’s branding. There is a lot of competition and what was once a fairly limited playing field, has slowly evolved into a huge cornucopia of firms — each and everyone vying for your attention.

Nonetheless, some companies cut corners. That’s the hard truth. They sacrifice quality to meet their bottom line. Waiving off key services that really make the difference. Picking the best private jet rental out there is less gut instinct and more about due diligence. It’s about knowing what to look for, what to ask for, and what are some red flags you should avoid.

How to choose the right private jet rental company?

The top private jet rental companies have a couple of things in common. They all take good care of nurturing critical characteristics when it comes to their business model. Let’s examine some of these benchmarks. Let’s look at what you should consider when it comes to choosing the best private jet rental company out there.


All luxury private jet rental should have their certificated and license up-to-date. This includes maintenance certificates, commercial pilot licenses, standard operating certificates, etc.

private jet company certificates

All these certificates which they have to update constantly are given out by the authorities, and they are not given out lightly. Companies have to meet criteria and past diligent inspections.

Hard Quotes

What do we mean by hard quotes? Well, honestly, some companies give the whole industry a bad name when it comes to charging practices and how to give their clients a clear estimate. It’s important to get a set-in-stone cost of your flight with all the services calculated. Why? Otherwise, once the contract starts, they might begin to charge you for “extras” you already thought were included.

Company’s Longevity

The best private jet rental companies have a track record. They’ve been around, servicing clients for years for a reason. They have a standing in the community and have reviews to back up their claims. A company’s longevity, its history, and how much it has of one, are critical when it comes to choosing which private jet rental company to hire out.

Quality of Service

It’s important to understand that not all private charter jet rental companies have great services — for that matter, not all are actually luxury private rentals.

private jet rental company quality


It’s critical to get a detailed description of what their services are, how they will treat you, what type of benefits they grant you pre and post-flight. Just because you’re hiring a private jet doesn’t mean you’re getting the Taylor Swift treatment.

Why pick the best private jet rental company

You’re putting in an investment, funding, and experience, you must get a great return on your investment. Sometimes an affordable private jet company is a cheap private jet company — not always, but sometimes. Understand that sometimes you actually do get what you paid for. The quality of the service you’re hiring out mostly depends on you, and your investigations, on how much you’re willing to dig into that company’s dossier.

Aerojet Me is one of the best private jet rental companies in the market right now. We wholeheartedly promise to stick to the contract and give you great benefits. Our pilots and safety procedures have set the benchmark for the industry and our levels of luxury and style are a rung or two above the competition. Get in contact with us and let us give you the experience of a lifetime.