AeroJet Me and Avinox partnership announcement for Maldives Private Aviation


Ultra-Luxury and Exclusive Packages On Jets & Villas Will be Offered to Our High-End Clientele

London, 9th of March 2021, Marina Kursikovskaya. — The partnership was signed and ratified officially on the 10th of February 2021, leading to a wealth of luxury travel packages and coveted destinations.

Irina and Bassam aerojetme

Irina Duisimbekova, AeroJet Me Founder & Bassam Adeel, Founder & Partner of Avinax Maldives.


Private Jet Charter Company AeroJet Me recently announced an exclusive partnership with Bassam Adeel and Avinax Maldives, which is going to bring a much-needed breath of fresh air to the industry. There will be many exciting new updates to the travel packages, and the possibilities of this partnership also broaden the reach and scope of the available destinations and travel amenities. The best part about this brand new company relationship is that clients will be able to enjoy a trip to the Maldives with everything fully-booked and planned, with luxury, comfort, and ease in mind. This means that visitors that enjoy the packages and private aviation will have an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.


Travelling this way is indeed an all-in-one solution for people who need to travel with as much flexibility and convenience as possible. This is especially important in these challenging times that make travelling through traditional airlines and booking accommodation quite a long and harrowing process, with so many limitations and restrictions. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and all of the travel restrictions that most people are still experiencing throughout many areas of the world, travelling with private jets is quickly becoming a relaxing and comfortable option, which makes it possible to reach some destinations quickly and conveniently.


About AeroJet Me:

AeroJet Me is a pioneer and leader in the private aviation industry. The company offers private jet rentals for international trips and tours, as well as exclusive offers and deals for their valued clientele.

The company has rapidly reached an International standard and its Founder and President Irina Duisimbekova have been designated by the International Press as the “Leading Woman CEO in Aviation for 2020”.


About Avinax:

Avinax is one of the biggest handling and flight support service providers in the country. They are well-known for specializing in both corporate and charter flights.


Company Avinox, along with AeroJet Me, is going to be able to provide some exclusive and highly convenient travel packages. These will consist of private jet travel, as well as accommodation solutions, with a special focus on providing boutique experiences with a high-end flavour. These packages are going to combine flexibility with luxury.


With these new offers, AeroJetMe and Avinox are able to provide the flexibility of booking your trip and your accommodation, all into one simple and quick process. This is particularly amazing because it will eliminate the uncertainty and issue that comes from trying to be a place to stay amid all the current restrictions, in addition to worrying about the logistics of your trip. The agreement with Bassam Adeel Jaleel was signed on the 10th of February, and the packages are going to involved various amazing and prominent destinations, including Dubai, Moscow, Istanbul, as well as the Maldives.


In addition to that, customers can expect a luxury experience. There will be some high-end events on the table in these packages, making for some truly unforgettable experiences. AeroJet and Avinox are going to great lengths in order to provide nothing but the very best experience, giving the audience the chance to truly redefine their space and focus on something special for those who choose to travel with them.


About Irina Duisimbekova:

Born in the ’80s in Moscow with Kazakh and Russian roots Irina arrived in France at the age of 15. She started her high school by learning the French language on the spot, the chance to finally arrive in another country allowed her to absorb the language, its subtleties and accents very quickly. After graduating from high school in Lyon, from Lycée du Parc, she went to university in London where Irina acquired a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.


With a Diploma in the pocket, she became a business development advisor in the Chamber of Commerce of Lyon, helping and supporting local French companies to develop their businesses in CIS. Later on, having had the spirit of entrepreneurship very early and due to her dual culture, she started to work in trading between France and Russia by shipping commodities to all the satellite countries that were opening up to the market economy, which also gave her an excellent experience in the field of international trade. After a few years of practice, she started her own international security and concierge company in Paris and began to approach the world of aviation by the requests of her VIP clients.


In 2011, Irina moved to Bahrain, following her husband Alexandre Katrangi; who himself had been flying internationally between Saudi Arabia, Europe and the United States for about fifteen years. In the following year of her presence in GCC countries, she decided to move her economic centre to the Middle East and settle down between Riyadh and the Kingdom of Bahrain.


About Bassam Adeel Jaleel:

For those who are not familiar with him or him, Bassam Adeel Jaleel is actually a prominent public figure in the Maldives. Currently, he is a prominent member of FIFA, being the current president of the Football Association of the Maldives, also known as FAM. He has been serving the association in this capacity ever since he was elected back in November 2016. Assam Adeel Jaleel was born in a family that already had strong political ties in the country, so he had the opportunity to get familiar with that world early on in his life. He went on to become an excellent student, having graduated with honours in business administration and earning his bachelor of arts at the University of East London back in 2010.


In addition to his artistic and academic endeavours, Bassam Adeel Jaleel was also passionate about football. This is something that he had loved ever since he was just a kid, and there is something quite special about what makes his background stand out. He was such a talented player that he eventually was noticed by the Under-19 Maldives National Team, in which he was selected. His father happens to be one of the founding members of the prestigious Club Valencia, which allowed Bassam to be able to play for the team as well. In addition to that, he also moved to administrator roles within the club. He served Valencia as a vice-chairman.

In addition to that, he continued to deepen his knowledge and passion for business and economics. Bassam had the opportunity to work for the Central Bank of the Maldives, which is actually known as MMA (Maldives Monetary Authority), which was what he was doing before eventually focusing on his career in the world of football on a full-time basis, becoming general secretary of FAM, before eventually being elected the organization’s president in 2016, as mentioned earlier.



Needless to say, Bassam Adeel Jaleel is a person with some incredible credentials, and his background is nothing short of awe-inspiring.


AeroJet Me and Avinox are extremely proud of the opportunity to achieve this amazing partnership and look forward to serving customers with excellence, luxury, practicality, and great experiences on-air and on land, each step of the way. Bassam received a lot of praise for his involvement with the Maldives National Women’s Football Team, which was unfortunately quite underdeveloped and under-resourced without his involvement.


Planning a trip to the Maldives? Don’t forget that AeroJet Me has now partnered with Avinax to provide their valued clients exclusive access to the Maldives. This includes private jet bookings, luxury villas, VIP events, and concierge services, to mention but a few. With AeroJet Me there is only one way to experience the Maldives, in ultra-luxury comfort and style!

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