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Airbus ACJ319

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Hire an Airbus ACJ319

It can perform long-haul intercontinental flights over 11,000 kilometres in length, and complete these journeys at an impressive cruising speed, allowing you to complete longer flights in a better time. The Airbus ACJ319 is indeed a top jet, ideal for large parties who want to travel long distances with the best luxury and comfort. VIP Airliner The Airbus ACJ319 is particularly popular among the heads of state because, among other factors, the flexibility of the cabin also benefits from the many compartments that allow it to provide up to 6 separate areas. These areas can accommodate up to 19 passengers and can accommodate bedrooms, dining areas and lounges according to the configuration of individual aircraft, providing a comfortable height for your journey.

The Airbus A319CJ is smaller and lighter than the commercial airliner version, providing the owner with global capabilities. The Airbus A319CJ is a slightly modified version of the Airbus A319, which has more than 130 seats. The enterprise version is usually configured to accommodate 18 passengers, but the exact internal configuration will vary greatly according to personal preferences. The cabin is 78 feet long, 12.2 feet wide, and 7.4 feet high, with a total cabin volume of 5,900 cubic feet. Although the length of the Boeing business jet does exceed the length of the Airbus A319CJ, no other private jet has a wider or taller cabin. Airbus A319CJ is specially designed for heads of state and corporate executives, so the luxury in the cabin is by no means inferior.

The cabin is generally divided into VIP areas, with offices, bathrooms, showers and beds. And high-density passenger seating area. The three areas (cockpit, VIP area and main seat area) of the private jet have independent temperature control devices to ensure that all personnel remain comfortable. Since the Airbus ACJ319 was originally used by airlines, many interior designs in the high-density section of the cabin are reminiscent of commercial air travel-overhead storage boxes, wall partitions and entertainment screens mounted on the seatbacks.

The crossover design saves a lot of weight and reduces procurement costs. In addition to luggage storage inside the jet (e.g. overhead luggage), there is also an external luggage compartment of 160 cubic feet.

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Range: 10500 km
Seats: 19
Hourly Rate: 14 000 €/hour

Cabin Specifications

3.7m Image cabine 2.25m

Technical specifications

Manufacturer Airbus
Model ACJ319
Speed 950 km/h
Range 10500 km
Hourly Rate 14 000 €/hour
Purchase Price 70 000 000


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Airbus ACJ319