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Airbus ACJ319

Seats 19
Bagagge Capacity 20 Suitcase + 10 Carry-on
Speed 898 kmh
Range 11101 km
Interior Width 3,7 m
Interior Height 2,25 m

Charter an Airbus ACJ319Short Overview

It is capable of carrying out long-distance intercontinental flights of over 11000km in length and it completes these journeys at impressive cruise speeds, allowing you to complete longer flights in even better time. The Airbus ACJ319 is truly a top-of-the-range jet, perfectly suited to large parties wishing to undertake long journeys in optimum luxury and comfort.

Vip Airliner

The Airbus ACJ319 is particularly popular with heads of state due to, among other factors, the flexibility of the cabin thanks to a number of partitions enabling it to provide up to 6 separate zones.

These zones accommodate up to 19 passengers and can contain bedrooms, dining areas and lounges depending on the individual aircraft’s configuration, offering the height of comfort for your journey.

Airbus ACJ319 inside

The Airbus A319CJ is smaller and lighter than the commercial airliner version, giving owners global range capabilities. The Airbus A319CJ is a slightly modified version of the Airbus A319, an airliner that had more than 130 seats. The corporate version is usually configured to hold eighteen passengers, but exact interior configurations can vary greatly according to an individual’s preference.

The cabin is 78 feet long, 12.2 feet wide and 7.4 feet high, and has a total cabin volume of 5,900 cubic feet. No other private jets have wider or higher cabins, although the Boeing Business Jet does outstrip the Airbus A319CJ in length. The Airbus A319CJ was designed for heads of state and top corporate executives, so nothing in the cabin falls short in terms of luxury.

The cabin is generally divided into VIP quarters, complete with an office, bathroom and shower and bed; and a high-density passenger seating area. The three zones of the private jet (cockpit, VIP area, and main seating area) have separate temperature controls to ensure that all individuals remain comfortable. Since the Airbus ACJ319 was originally used by the airlines, much of the interior design in the high-density section of the cabin is reminiscent of commercial airline travel – overhead storage bins, wall partitions, and entertainment screens mounted on the backs of seats.

The crossover in design saves a lot of weight and reduces acquisition cost. In addition to the baggage storage inside the jet, such as the overhead bins, there is an external baggage compartment of 160 cubic feet.