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Aerojet ME is experienced in organizing tailor-made corporate jet charters for clients in many different sectors. Quite often, business requires efficient and stress-free transportation which can easily be achieved through a chartered rental as opposed to a commercial flight. Aerojet ME accommodates all different professions and can tailor the experience to every client.

Political and Executives

The fast-paced and dynamic environment that surrounds politics and business often demands the ease of travel that private charter affords.  Aerojet ME has accrued experience in handling such charters, and our advisors offer the utmost discretion and flexibility when working with governments, NGO’s, and corporations.  Presidents, chairmen, diplomats and board members of powerful companies and non-profits trust our service to provide fast and comfortable transportation.


Often, the nature of the arts requires successful artists to travel frequently.  Aerojet ME offers luxurious and discrete transportation for singers, bands, actors, and musicians all across the globe.  Whether flying to the Cannes Film FestivalMilan Fashion Week or the Golden Globes, Aerojet ME can seamlessly arrange transport in ultimate comfort.


Bankers and traders

Working with the global markets is a stressful and time-critical business.  Aerojet ME makes it possible for bankers and business executives to attend meetings in different countries in the same day, for the best possible price.  We also can organize incentive trips for top performers and deliver time-sensitive freight.

Sport Federations and Teams

Business jets are the best way to travel between sporting events in comfort, allowing the body to rest before the next game.  Whether it be a team or individual athlete, Aerojet ME can accommodate any number of required jets to make the next leg of your journey as stress-free as possible.

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