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Looking For Last Minute Private Jet Seats?

Every traveler knows the nightmare of arranging last minute transportation for an unplanned event or trying to develop a backup plan after a flight cancellation. With Aerojet ME, our highly trained team can source a jet within 60 minutes or less and give you the peace of mind that you will have transport.

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Private aviation provides a flexibility not available with commercial travel, and no one is better equipped to find the best jet for you under short notice.  Whether following up on a last-minute invitation or attending to an urgent business matter, Aerojet ME can you have in the air within an hour.

Unexpected events

Our team frequently assists clients in need of a private aircraft at the last minute due to any number of unforeseen circumstances including funerals, accidents or family emergencies.

We can also assist in the event of troubles with commercial airlines or other charter services such as airline strikes or missed connections.  Under any of these circumstances, we will have a jet secured and a flight plan within the hour.

If you are looking for travel to a destination that is poorly served by most commercial airlines or your itinerary presents challenges such inconvenient stops or long layovers, Aerojet ME can revise your trip to ensure it is smoother and less stressful.

Even with little notice, we can secure fast transport as well as last-minute aircraft for medical evacuations or repatriations with any number of departure and arrival cities.

Last minute private jet seats

Cancelled flights

Whether you need to follow up on a last-minute invitation, attend an impromptu party or change your destination suddenly, you can count on the services of Aerojet ME to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Our experts can suggest a wide range of private jets for your last-minute charters, that will take you to any destination of your choice.

Last-minute holiday

Last-minute desire to get away

If you decided to get a break from your busy schedule at last-minute, and relax on an exotic beach, contact Aerojet ME for a private jet charter to your book your unscheduled holiday.

Our team can suggest a wide range of private jets for your last-minute charters, no matter whether you would like to reach sunny destinations or mountains for a quick ski escape.

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