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Cargo Charter

Our Cargo Charter Solutions

Aerojet ME can seamlessly organize transportation of cargo of all shapes and sizes and provide a number of services to ensure that your items reach the destination on time and intact.  Whether you are flying with compact, valuable objects requiring discretion and care or large shipments requiring a loading ramp, we can find the right aircraft for you.

urgent cargo services

Time critical-urgent cargo

Aerojet ME offers onboard courier services to ensure that your cargo is taken care of from the time that it leaves your possession to the time it reaches its destination.  Especially when transporting valuable items, life-saving medicine or USB flash drives containing confidential information, Aerojet ME ensures you that your items will arrive safely and on time.

From time to time, aircraft inevitably face mechanical or electrical problems that delay the departure of the aircraft.  We understand that transporting important cargo is often time-sensitive, and our dedicated team works tirelessly to solve problems as they arise.

Whether the issue requires a couple of new parts, or a new aircraft entirely, Aerojet ME will do what is necessary to ensure your cargo arrives at its destination in a timely fashion.

high value cargo services

Sensitive and high-value items

Aerojet ME has access to a large fleet of private aircraft capable of transporting relief supplies to war zones and disaster areas.  We support NGO’s and governments in their efforts to deliver aid materials to those who need them.

If you are transporting confidential, dangerous or valuable items, Aerojet ME can advise on and arrange the best possible environment for transport.  Our advisors are knowledgeable of restrictions and regulations surrounding such transport and can ensure that the transport meets shipping guidelines.

Aerojet ME remains discreet in all situations such as these and can ensure that secret shipments of high value items are protected by onboard security and total discretion.

Dog on private jet

Oversize cargo and animal transportation

You can count on Aerojet ME to successfully handle any type of large cargo, including live animal transport.  Large aircraft equipped with nose loading or ramp loading can accommodate any number of large items such as: aircraft engines, zoo animals, automobiles, transformers or other large electrical components, racing horses, falcons or any other cattle animals accompanied by veterinarians.

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